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The Necromingicon
The Book of the Howlings of Ming, Seeker After Arcane and Esoteric Truths
Galactica One geekery 
12th-Oct-2005 02:06 pm
Summary: Galactica One was a rather small (c. 150 people), enjoyable con with great guests who were more than happy to wander round the bar and parties but the event could have done with a few more people, especially in the parties. Probably didn’t help that many of the regular party animals like Heather and Taz were absent. Still, Brian has said he plans to run another one next July/August. Will I be there? Hell yeah! So say we all!

Photos here, in Galactica One folder. Will hopefully be adding photos of me in bridge uniform later on (yes, I uncharacteristically failed to get pictures taken with my camera…).

Edit: More photos
Kris' photos
Ian's photos

Rest of con report:

Signs of a small con: the hotel wasn’t bothering with breakfast shift vouchers and, when I was asking about picking up Kris’ ticket as she was arriving late, Brian simply said she’d have to arrive before 7.30 for the meet-and-greet. Note the complete failure to ask what reg number was first...

Marwan made the observation over dinner on Friday night that this was the first con in ages where we were all eagerly discussing and dissecting the programme the con was actually about. He’s right. This is the first thing since B5 that drives me to ultra-geeky discussions about the likes of military-political relations, treatment of prisoners of war, what it means to be human and so on!

This also made me realise I missed the discussion panel/workshop tracks from the Blake’s 7 cons I used to do. A number of us are thinking of trying to persuade Brian to let us have some space and chairs and organise some sort of semi-structured BSG discussion.

Spoiler protection in talks proved to be painful. I’d never been bothered about spoilers in talks before. In B5 con days, the number of people who could get advance episodes from the US was vanishingly small. For Buffy, Angel, Stargate et al, I downloaded episodes but wasn’t too worried about not keeping to what had been seen on UK TV. With Galactica on the other hand, there was so much season 2 stuff I wanted to bring up in the talks and it was proving frustrating in the extreme!

It’s probably worth mention the dealer’s room. Nope, that’s not a mistake with the apostrophe. There was precisely one dealer in the room, selling only photos. Damned shame – I was hoping to get a look at and possibly buy the region 1 combined mini-series and season 1 DVD set, magazine and official companion.

The meet-and-greet was more enjoyable than usual. With so few of us, the guests tended to linger at each table a tad longer. Amusingly, the three who play military characters were very curious about the hexagonal dog tags I’d made up. Aaron Douglas commented he had a bunch with him which immediately put him on my stalk list all weekend! They also gave me a bit of grief for wearing a Star Wars t-shirt (but agreed that a glow-in-the-dark Stormtrooper design was pretty good) so I retorted that I’d be more than happy to wear a BSG shirt, just as soon as I could actually buy one!

All of them guests were very entertaining, with all four teaming up at the end to do readings from Pegasus on stage. Conclusions to be drawn from that: It would appear that James Callis is a bit mad and a favourite candidate for other cast members to do impressions of!

Main other impressions:

Sam Witwer. A very funny man and, best of all, clearly a bit of a geek himself, doing Marc Singer impressions and asking questions like “Does Darth Vader fart?”, imagining discussions between Vader and the Emperor when he does, and how Vader found out Luke was his son (overhearing troopers talking in the canteen, although he seemed amused at my theory that it was when he got slapped with a huge bill from the Child Support Agency for unpaid maintenance). It also transpires he was in the same Juilliard class as Morena Baccarin. I also have several video clips of him doing his best Michael Jackson/Thriller moves in the Friday night party!

Matthew Bennett: Drier sense of humour but also some very interesting comments on how he sees the Cylons and especially how human he thinks they really are – in many ways, more human than the humans because they have to keep thinking what makes a human, especially the infiltrators.

Tahmoh Pennikett. Discovered his first name is a native American name. Again, very funny, especially re-enacting his worst ever commercial audition which entailed singing Eye of the Tiger while dancing round a Goodyear tire! I can’t believe I had to pass two notes to Cathy and Kris to explain what I meant when I suggested they ask him “Are you human?” and “Prove it”…

Aaron Douglas. Heh. So much for discretion. In his second talked, he started off trying to be discreet when asked about relations with original series actors. That didn’t last too long… He also had a load of goodies he’d er… “obtained”, including the likes of dailies DVDs, scripts and dog tags. It was the latter that most interested Kris and myself. We now have detailed photos for making up our own… I also persuaded him to pose for a Chief being arrested photo on Sunday – he seemed way too familiar with the pose… He also commented afterwards, “You know, you look just like the Marines on the show”. Well, colour me stunned. How’s that for a coincidence? ;-) Heh. He also saluted me when I was wearing my bridge uniform jacket on Saturday night!

Speaking of which, there was a distinct lack of costumed individuals on all nights. There were the ever-present Jedi Chefs, Ian in his USN tans and US woodlands, a woman in a neat original series Colonial Warrior outfit and me. That was pretty much it. At least the Mk I bridge uniform jacket seemed to go down well. Cathy, Kris and I have now had discussions on how to proceed with improved Mk II versions ;-)

Other random things:
Neil has a new airsoft toy that makes me drool and green with envy – a 6-barrelled minigun. I want one!

Cathy, Avril and myself got thinking that something we want is some sort of military TV/film-based event, not necessarily just SF but also encompassing the likes of China Beach, Tour of Duty, JAG, NCIS and so on. If nothing else, it’d be cheap costuming for me for a long time… Heh. Avril and I also think a China Beach LJ community may be called for. Hell, at the very least, I need a McMurphy icon!

Cathy's tried to recruit me into her medieval re-enactment group. Kate's comment: "Ugh no. The kit's horrible! U really fancy wearing hose?" Fair point...

After doing the arrest photo with Aaron Douglas, Lacey, one of the Jedi Chefs seemed rather keen to be photographed in same posture, even press-ganging Kris and another Jedi Chef! Hmm… far be it from me to speculate…

Sunday evening, Marwan decided to try running a version of Runaround (after having to explain it to certain people apparently too young to remember it) and exclaimed several times, when everyone playing got one of his quiz questions right, "You sad bastards!!!". My response was "We're here at a con, well, DUH!"

Shock! Horror! I think I'm well on the way to exorcising all my previous hang-ups about room sharing...

There's no getting around it. I've pretty much gone as far as I can with my low-effort costuming. I need to dig out my mother's sewing machine and start learning to use it. I want a better uniform jacket! Kate's also said that, if I do figure it out, her foil lamé jacket needs attention...
(Deleted comment)
12th-Oct-2005 07:40 pm (UTC)
Gosh. Well, thank you. I am flattered!
12th-Oct-2005 03:14 pm (UTC)
:is jealous: See you on saturday...
12th-Oct-2005 07:39 pm (UTC)
Sure will. Send me a text Sat AM to make sure I remember to bring your photos!
(Deleted comment)
12th-Oct-2005 11:03 pm (UTC)
No, you were pretty much faultless. Then again, I haven't really had any problems with people I've shared with. It's more that I still have hang-ups about room sharing, a holdover from boarding school days leaving me placing undue value on a room of my own!
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