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Made up my second load of invoices, timesheets and expenses today, oddly enough for my first freelance project, just not got round to doing it due to being busy in Germany and lack of sense of urgency - cash reserves were still healthy.

En route to fencing (well, not really all that en route), I stopped by at my former employers to return laptop they'd lent me for the Germany project and to hand in my invoice. I guess I really should invest in a laptop if I'm going to carry on with this freelance consulting lark.

Anyway, on to fencing - last night for this term was tonight so I was determined to put some effort into it and to fence some foil as well as epee. Oh boy. Absolutely shattered as a result. I even foolishly decided to fence Kate at foil. Ouch. Much to my surprise, I just about held my own and when we finished off the session with first to three hits, I actually won! That said, I suspect she was a) suffering from a knee injury again and b) being merciful to me by calling for the final three points because I was just about ready to collapse from exhaustion at that point. A few more minutes and I suspect I would have been physically incapable of mounting any sort of defence!

So, I desperately need to find a club that operates over the Summer or start going to the gym - my fitness levels currently suck rhino and, without urgent action, is pretty unlikely to improve before next term starts!

Then, in the pub afterwards, I had yet another of those weird coincidence things with Kate - we were talking about convention things and she mentioned the closest she'd ever got to one was a Dr Who event at Longleat. At this point, I enquired if Jon Pertwee, Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy had all been there. Yep. 1994? Yep. Yep, I was there too...

I am now all but convinced that this notion that there's billions of people in the world is just some sort of conspiracy!

Anyway, she's now quite interested in going to Cult TV on the basis of Paul Darrow, Gareth Thomas, and most especially, Nicholas Courtney (described by Kate as "Mr five pints rapid"!)and John Levene being guests there.
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