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Another Birthday been and gone

Been a slightly depressingly business as usual day. Still, last year, I went to a sushi bar for lunch with my sister then had to fly to Germany for a project. Thanks to everyone who's been sending me Birthday wishes via LJ, email, SMS etc. Very much appreciated!

Spent most of the day working on the mobile applications project, followed by a very brief stint on the City of Villains beta test to create and start off my character. I have indeed created a Fu Manchu-style mastermind character but I object to my minions being labelled as Genin ninjas. I'm supposed to be a Chinese villain, not a Japanese one, Goddammit! Think I may have to whinge to Cryptic about this.

The CoV session was very brief as I had to rush off to fencing. Turned out the guys there were all aware it was my Birthday because Jo had noted that Fencing Forums' home page announces members' Birthdays. And ages! Goddammit! Still, meant there was a decent turnout at the pub afterwards.

Seems like my English Civil War education is destined to continue. Kate passed me a CD-R of Levellers MP3s which, it must be said, sound pretty good so far, and has told me that once I finish Royle's book, I need to read the one she's currently on, about Bristol during the Civil War. Hmm... would have thought the bio of Cromwell I recently found in an Oxfam shop or maybe one on Edgehill, Marston Moor or Naseby would have been a more obvious choice but, then again, I've not been doing this for 13 years. Heh. Also got some shit from her when I mentioned I'd picked up Royle's book at Blackwell's - just happens to be also the name of one of the biggest Royalist re-enactment regiments!

Oh, and according to Dell and UPS, my PocketPC has been shipped and is currently somewhere in the vicinity of Utrecht, in the Netherlands.

One last thing - am seriously starting to wonder about some American BSG fans. I'd noted that there seemed to be a tendency to boil down all its glorious and murky complexity to very simple (simplistic?) black-and-white issues i.e. either Roslin is either a drugged out religious fanatic or a visionary messiah, Adama is a brutal military tyrant or the only one who understands to situation etc. However, in the last few days, on one of my mailing lists, even at this point, nearly halfway through the second season, someone seems to be having difficulty understanding how certain human form Cylons can apparently get from the fleet back to Caprica. Have we been watching the same episodes?!? And don't even get me started on the loonie on Usenet who is convinced that BSG is a piece of propaganda crafted by an alliance of "Hollywood Homosexuals" to "sell sodomy to you and your son" and libertarian organised criminals...
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