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Gah. It's that time of year again. Put on the central heating tonight for the first time since last Winter.

Weird Coincidence Woman strikes again. I picked up a copy of Civil War by Trevor Royle yesterday (Saturday) - felt like reading more about the historical background to the stuff I've started re-enacting. SMSed Kate to tell her and got the reply "Hah, guess what book dropped onto my doorstep from Amazon 2day?" Cue Twilight Zone music...

Irritating discovery - I may have a beta test account for City of Villains but it's currently only up for testing two hours a day, 6-8pm, on weekdays only!

So, while I was trying out a new character (the Red Barricade) on City of Heroes instead, I got a call from Mei-Shan who was transiting London for a day before flying back to Hong Kong. As I appear to have been designated collator of photos from the Provence trip, she was keen for me to drive down to Notting Hill with my laptop to download her photos from her camera. God help me, I did, despite how much I hate driving into central London... Guess I should upload a few photos at some point.

Oh, just had an email from Dell (yes, at 3am in the morning!) that my PocketPC has shipped. Woohoo!
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