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Had a very pleasant few days in Provence with my sister and a couple of her friends. Being a major history geek, I particularly enjoyed Avignon, Les Baux and Bonnieux. I was rather surprised that the Templar connections were rather low key though. Hell, the audio guide bio for Clement V (Pope who suppressed the Templars) in the Palais des Papes merely mentioned "a crisis". Likewise, Bonnieux was a Templar Commanderie and yet the only mention of this was in a UK guidebook!

The weather on return to Stansted was rather crap, especially after Provence. I did ask out loud why it was I was so keen on staying in London. My sister suggested it was because I could run around forests and shoot people with toy guns in this country...

My sister's now back in Melbourne and I'm back on my own again. Sigh. Going round Provence with her and friends and talking to them did get me thinking though - it's coming up to my 37th Birthday, I've been freelancing for two years. It's about bloody time I got my professional life back in order again. I've been coasting the last couple of years. It's been confortable but it's coasting nonetheless. Need to get my arse in gear and stop drifting. I can start on Monday by chasing up the people I saw the week before go. My sister has also suggested that, if I don't line up a permanent job by Christmas, I head out to Asia for an extended (and possibly indefinite) stay. Interesting notion...

Yesterday, I got a Birthday card from Ursula, all the way from Sydney. When I first met her on the MBA, she imemdiately struck me as one of the sharpest, brightest, most efficient as well as nicest people I'd ever met. This pretty much confirms it... Hell, I was so crap I didn't even get round to organising drinks this weekend!

What else?
Put in my invoice for the games work, busy with the other projects. Got some ideas for maintaining interest in the games side of things.

Ordered myself a Dell X50V PocketPC because
  1. I've put in that invoice
  2. It's my Birthday on Monday
  3. I'm weak and felt naked in France without the PDA, especially as Mei-Shan kept checking her Blackberry
  4. Discovered Dell was running a 20% discount on the X50V

However, to my surprise, I idly tapped the e740 on the desk this morning and it sprang back into life. Huh.

Got a beta test account for City of Villains. Woohoo! Rather fancy playing a Fu Manchu-type villain...

I have a partial solution for getting my old SMSs off the 6600 and onto the 6680. Copied SMSs from phone memory to MMC card on the 6600, then transferred them to reduced form factor MMC card for the 6680. So, I can access old messages by switching to memory card for SMS storage but still don't have a single, unified SMS archive.

Also realised there's not a lot of time left till Galactica One. So, who's going?

Busy checking out DVDs and photos to see what I can cobble together costume-wise. A Marine I can do already - black combats and tac gear, Hell, the weapons they used in Bastille Day were even P-90s! Still might just about be able to cobble together a dress tunic from that old fencing jacket. Time to go shopping...
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