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Faites vos jeux

Place your bets for the following:

1. How long before I get a new PDA?
I've managed surprisingly well the last couple of days without the PDA, relying on the 6680's functionality. I think it might be an interesting experiment to see how long I can last without one. So, your guesses at how long before I crack and get myself a X50v or similar?

2. How long to sort out DVD authoring problem?
All my recent attempts to use Nero to burn episodes of My Parents Are Aliens to DVD for Kate (I don't watch it myself, I'm just the guy with the Sky+ and DVD writer, honest!) have had serious audio sync problems. Possible actions:
  • Test burn DVDs with different source files to see if they display similar symptoms
  • Recently installed latest update to Nero so I might try backtracking to previous version (heh, wonder if it's Nero developing sentience and objecting to being used to burn My Parents Are Aliens ;-))
  • Likewise, might try a clean install
  • Could be glitches caused by my MPEG editor so could try re-editing (cutting out commercials) or looking for updates to editor
  • Could try an alternative authoring package like TMpgEnc DVD Author

Any other suggestions welcome...

So, faites vos jeux...
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