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My head hurts...

Have spent the day working on games presentation for a workshop on Monday. My head hurts now. Main thought - it's damn hard to write about the appeal of games playing when at home without wanting to goof off for a "quick session" on City of Heroes or similar! Somewhat to my surprise, I succeeded in resisting temptation. As soon as I finish eating, however... Only question is: City of Heroes or install Morrowind to find out why Kate's so keen I try it out.

Other things:
It's Labor Day weekend in the US and this apparently means no new Battlestar Galactica. To say I am not best pleased is something of an understatement...

My PDA's died again and, this time, no amount of poking it or slapping it about has succeeded in reviving it. Oh well, guess I'll be allocating a chunk of the cash from this games work for a new one! Still, not so much with the wailing, gnashing of teeth and rending of garments this time. Guess I got it out of my system the first time it died.

Does anyone else think the guy who plays Ronon on Atlantis would probably make a good Bishop from the X-Men?
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