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Almost forgot. It's Malaysian National Day. So, Selamat Hari Merdeka!

I shall spare you all the rousing rendition of Negaraku, the national anthem...

Other things:

Costly things, screws. Last couple of days we'd noticed the rear driver side tyre seemed to have developed a slow leak. We went to the Kwik-Fit in Colindale and they confirmed this was the case. A screw had somehow got embedded in the tyre. Over £100 down the drain because of that sodding screw!

On the bright side, discovered a shop in the Oriental City mall across the road is selling nice looking Chinese Tai Chi swords. Will have to pop back to take a closer look when I'm in a less bitter and twisted mood.

Also got a phone call to arrange another job interview. Heh. Put in my CV months ago and had assumed I'd been unceremoniously dinged as I'd heard nothing. I can only assume the holiday season is rapidly coming to an end!

Lastly, I am such a tart. After all my ranting about Orange, they emailed me today to ask about interest in taking part in some sort of convergence technology/service trial. I of course immediately logged on to say "Hell yeah!"
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