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Galactica Nintendoflage (no spoilers)

Man, I so need to get a life. Been watching Battlestar Galactica 2x06 and first thing I do afterwards? Start web researching the Nintendoflage cammies that Apollo's been wearing the last few episodes. Not sure yet - need to do lot more comparisons of screenshots - but first impressions are that it's clearly not CADPAT or MARPAT but could be the US Army's new ACUPAT (greenish tint with noteable absence of black) but cut in the old BDU style. Slightly irritating as I do indeed have a set of ACUs but they're accurate repros (ie in the new style - mandarin collar, lots of velcro and angled pockets etc). Still, they'd do as a fallback!

Oh, damned fine episode too, by the way!
Tags: bsg, military

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