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Had my last week working in Germany. Maybe. Already had a phone call about some follow-up work, along with a promise that it'll be less intense and be easier to fit around job hunting and my "other activities". I think that's shorthand for cons and other geeky things...

Seems Lubeck isn't as bad as I thought - my last night there, I got out of the office early (relatively - 7.30pm) so I took a walk around the old medieval town. It's actually pretty picturesque. Even ended up having dinner in a Hieronymous Bosch-themed restaurant!

Got back Thursday afternoon, caught up with my sister, joined her and friends and ex-colleagues for a 4th of July dinner even if there were only two Americans in the party (plus two Malaysians, a Canadian and two Australians) and a BBQ round here at home on Saturday. Two of her friends were suggesting they could introduce me to single women down in Horsham. Sigh...

Sunday morning, took her back to Heathrow and in the afternoon, Jackie and Heidi came round to explore Enter The Matrix on my Xbox. We also managed to consume most to the provisions left over from the previous day's BBQ! Did have a twinge of anxiety though when they started discussing some weird Japanese anime haemaphrodite porn they'd found on Kazaa in my back garden in very still, silent Finchley... Still, not noticed any odd looks from neighbours yet.

Monday - went into central London to put my Nokia 7650 in for servicing - the power switch has become unreliable. Then headed back home and drove over to Heidi's place to deliver Jackie's sunglasses which I'd discovered at the foot of my staris that morning. And to bring the Xbox and Enter the Matrix...

Once there, I had one of those scary Small World moments I seem especially prone to - while Heidi was showing me her PC, I noticed one of her MSN contacts happened to be an airsoft skirmishing friend! My "Holy Shit!" exclamations were equalled only by Julian's when I told him!

Now, I was anxious to get into fencing as this is last week for this term and I hadn't been for about 3 weeks. However, the traffic on the way over to Southall was pretty grim so I was persuaded to leave the Xbox, drive to fencing (fortunately, I'd taken the precaution of packing my fencing kit into the boot) and come back afterwards! Well, at least it's faster driving back out of Central London at 10-ish than into it at 6.45!

Most of today's been spent doing some tidying up with the financial model for Germany and putting together my first freelancer timesheets, expenses and invoice so lots of arsing around with Excel templates.
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