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Orange latest
Vengeance is in my heart, death in my hand,
Blood and revenge are hammering in my head

Gah. Orange's incompetence is approaching levels previously only attained by ParcelFarce. I called them up today to verify that the Motorola had been received. It had. I also asked if my upgrade date had been reset. It hadn't. Seems their systems can't do that automatically. Woman I spoke to said she'd insert a note into my account to show it had been reset.

So, popped down to Tottenham Court Road to get new comics and a 6680. Orange Shop woman quoted me a price of £200. WTF?!? Seems that 1. Somehow, I'd been reclassified as an occasional user. 2. Upgrade price structures had been changed on Monday. Orange Shop woman then suggested I call the Orange upgrade people. They quoted me the £80 I'd previously been quoted but said since I'd last upgraded in January, there was an upgrade fee! I asked about the note supposed to be in my account - it wasn't there. Upgrade woman put me on hold for close to 20 minutes or so, then came back and said all had been sorted out. Apparently all the confusion was because they'd never come across anyone who'd taken part in 2 3G trials!

By this stage, the sensible thing to do would probably have been to tell Orange to go to Hell and change providers but I am determined not to let these clueless bastards beat me. Ah well, still, allegedly, I should receive my 6680 in 2-3 days...

Fourth week in a row I've made it now. I've actually started to think that I might continue to go to Saxon at least occasionally even when term starts again at Poly. Slightly in the doghouse with Jo because I hit her quite hard with a stop-hit to the crook of her arm which actually broke skin and drew blood... OTOH, I think Kate and I have talked her into coming to Powderham on Bank Holiday weekend for the muster there. Yep, I've decided to do the English Civil War thing rather than the Vietnam one...
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