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One Hell of a weird day

Met a friend of my sister's for lunch. Coincidentally, she works for the same big oil company I'm supposed to be doing some work for (I say that because trying to arrange a date to get up to Aberdeen for a meeting is proving surprisingly non-trivial). She'd contacted me out of the blue and wanted to talk about my plans and interests, professionally speaking. Partly, this appeared to be because she was having thoughts about what she wanted to do next but I think I detect the hand of my sister behind all this, especially since she mentioned my sister had told her to check I appeared to be eating properly (to which I retorted, "Do I look like I'm wasting away?!?"). So, she passed me a load of telecoms, media and technology material, we had a very interesting discussion and apparently are to meet again in a few weeks to see what progress we've made. Still, maybe a bit of deadline-induced pressure might be handy in mobilising my ass...

Next (well, not quite next, headed round to Forbidden Planet to get this week's new comics), that meeting with my former contract employer. Turns out that she did indeed have a definite role in mind *but* that morning, word had come down of a headcount freeze while new processes for making business cases for employing new people were settled. She was most apologetic but figured maybe a 4-6 week delay. Not a problem, I figured, since I'd need time to wrap up other stuff anyway. Ah well, be interesting to see how this pans out.

Third week in a row I made it to fencing at Saxon. Hell, I might actually not be a total wreck when next term starts at Poly! One worrying thing on the drive there: all was well till I got to the Hangar Lane Gyratory. I suddenly realised I was driving on autopilot up the A40, the route I'd take to get to Kate's or to Terra Nostra meets in Horsham, rather than the previous turning to get to Saxon. Doh.

I was a bit worried once I did get to Saxon - for a while I appeared to be the only epéeist there. Embarassingly, Kate caught me staring at female fencer there. That wasn't the embarassing bit (as Crichton once said, "Hey, I'm a guy!"), it was that she immediately knew what I was checking out - whether the other fencer had a foil or epée body wire on. Things are getting bad when I can't even seem to pass for a lech...

I was resolved to do some foil instead, after some prodding by Kate, but my foil turned out to be defective. Fortunately, a couple of epéists did eventually show. In addition, Kate took it upon herself to examine my foil and diagnosed the fault, replacing the spring in the tip so the broken foil excuse won't work next time... Suppose I should be grateful really, saved me the time and expense of getting the blade rewired unnecessarily...

TV viewing
A few thoughts:
  • BSG still only getting better with each episode. Could this get any darker or intense?
  • At least last SG-1 was merely mediocre as opposed to actively awful
  • Atlantis was more entertaining than usual but rather lacking in originality
  • 11 episodes in and I am pretty much enthralled by Charlie Jade. Another fascinating, complex, intelligent and well-thought SF programme out - I'm dying to learn more about the three parallel worlds and the prevalance of South African accents makes a refreshing change from American ones (in much the same way as the Australian ones in Farscape)
  • Not seen it yet but, after learning about it this morning, have downloaded the pilot episode of Over There, a newish series from Steve Bochco, following a squad of US soldiers in Iraq. Talk about topical! I'll be curious to see this works out - first reaction was that it'd be hard for it to say much of import without alienating at least half its potential audience but, OTOH, this is the same guy behind Hill Street Blues!
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