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And now, on Mingy the Mobile Upgrader...

So, the alloted 7-10 days for the replacement SIM passed and it had not arrived. Well, colour me stunned. Never saw that one coming. I got on the phone to Orange and, after much being transferred between customer support, the 3G team and the upgrade team, I uncovered the following:
  1. The SIM had indeed not been despatched
  2. Since no new SIM had been registered, no return envelope for the Motorola had been despatched either
  3. It seems the reason no SIM had been despatched is that it seems the SIM I am currently using is fine after all
  4. Orange will now send a return envelope
  5. Approx 3-4 days after I despatch the phone, I should be cleared to upgrade at last, once the Motorola is scanned back in at their end

God, just when I think Orange's customer support could not fall any further in my estimation, they somehow managed to find a way. Got to admire their dedication...

Do I really believe
  • The envelope will arrive in a day or two?
  • I will be cleared to upgrade 3-4 days later?

What do you think? ;-)

Once the Precioussss 6680 is in my hot sticky hands, I think I shall compose and send the Mother of All Vents to Orange and perhaps CC in an ex-colleague who works in the strategy team there...

To add insult to injury, the phone which is holding things up is one I can't wait to get shot of. The Motorola C975 is without doubt one the most poorly thought out and generally suckass piece of shit mobile phone it has ever been my sad misfortune to have to use. Oddly enough, second most shite one was a Motorola Timeport 260. Third worst? A Motorola MR-2 but that at least had the excuse of coming out in 1998. It is also the only Motorola I've ever actually paid for, mainly because that was the only dual-band phone available on Orange at the time.
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