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Variations on Google name meme

"Inspired" by reading various people's results.

"Kin-Ming Looi is":
  1. Kin Ming Looi is the winner of lots of useless points!

Er... that's it. And yes, that is me, from a Blake's 7 list back in 1993! I'd completely forgotten about that but apparently I earned those points because I was the first person on the list to spot someone's signature quotes were all from Bryan May songs and this was very much pre-Google!

"Kin-Ming is":
  1. Mr. Lam Kin Ming is also the alternate director to those directors marked with *.
  2. Kin-Ming is an experienced consultant, having worked extensively in the telecoms, media, technology and financial services industries in a variety of roles. Er... yes, that is me again...
  3. officer Lau Kin-Ming is still tirelessly erasing his dirty history
  4. Though Ko Kin Ming is very strong acedemically, he has very few friends.
  5. Meg Lam Kin-Ming is spending a low key Lunar New Year at home so that she can be ready for work when taping resumes on her ATV game show

"Looi Kin-Ming is":
Nothing. Zilch. Nada. Zip. Bugger all. Apart from Did you mean: "liu kin ming is" from Google.

And on a totally different subject, a friend passed me a link to a video clip from the 2005 Monal Challenge final (epée) which does actually seem to make fencing an almost spectator-friendly sport (choice of 5 or 10Mb Quicktime files)! I think I may have to invest in the DVD it's taken from!
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