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One Hell of an interesting day...

Made the trek up to the English Civil War Society muster at West Acre, near King's Lynn today. The route the AA's online route planner proved to be quite interesting too, taking me past RAF Lakenheath, base of the USAF 48th Fighter Wing, a Desert Rat memorial at Thetford Forest (where the division trained in preparation for D-Day) and signs for a whole load of other interesting sites (including the Iceni brewery!). Sounds like it might be worth a return visit to check some of them out (prob not Lakenheath though, alas).

I got there in time to watch the various regiments doing drill, with a running commentary from Kate who was also observing due her musket being out of action. Weirdest sight was noting Norfolke Trayned Bands' mascot seemed to be Cartman, dressed in period kit, stuck on the end of a polearm! Afterwards, the NTB guys got me kitted out with clothing from various people, got about 10 minutes' pike drill and then off we marched to the battlefield. Even on the way, I was thinking this was all pretty damned surreal and wondering how exactly I'd ended up there! However, I learned afterwards that I am not the first Malaysian recruit to the NTB - seems they had a Malaysian Indian member some years ago...

Wow. It proved to be an awful lot of fun but much harder work than I expected. Definitely very much like being back in a rugby scrum but with the added complication of wielding a bloody long pike too. I was absolutely shattered by the end - thank God for the water carriers! Heh. And I thought running and crawling around with an M-16 for the Vietnam re-enactment stuff was hard work! Well, at least despite dire warnings, I have yet to display any signs of extensive bruising, just very stiff limbs and a few moderately sensitive spots. I did note, however, I'd stopped jumping every time the artillery fired and barely noticed by the end but that could have been from sheer exhaustion!

Afterwards, just for a change, I managed to recognise someone I'd met once before before he recognised me, a chap I'd spoken to when trying to track down Kate and Simon at Royal Gunpowder Mills - he was, however, in a Royalist regiment (don't ask which, still only the vaguest knowledge of regiments right now) and giving me grief about having joined the wrong regiment ("Why'd you join them?" "Er... because the person I know from fencing is in that regiment?"). The NTB guys also observed it hadn't taken me long to start making bad puns based on the Parliamentarian battle cries...

Kate and a couple of others then started pressing me to go to a multi-period event at Kelmarsh Hall on August 13-14. Sounds like it could be fun, especially the multi-period aspect. Must find out if the Rolling Thunder/Vietnam guys are going to be there. Also gave Kate a lift back into London. Her main objective was to get home with enough time to watch the latest Galactica before bedtime - I'm starting to feel like a BSG pusher! However, not entirely convinced that's a bad thing ;-)

Lastly, I'm going to assume for now that it was exhaustion that made it incredibly difficult to stay awake during Atlantis 2x03...
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