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Behold my squirrely wrath! i.e. a rant

My hand grasps the killing power
in heaven and earth
To behead the evil ones, spare the just,
and ease the people's sorrow

- Hong Xiuquan, 1837

Man, am I pissed off right now. I was down at the Citibank branch on Oxford Street to pay in a cheque. Just on the offchance, I popped into the Orange shop across the road to enquire about 6680s. They had them, the woman I spoke to even got one out and we were going through the paperwork. Then, it all went pear-shaped. Seems that, because Orange never sent me the envelope to return the Motorola C975, I was still listed as having upgraded back in January and all the notes supposedly added to my account about ending the 3G trial seemed to have vanished! Even weirder, the Orange upgrade person I was speaking to on the phone said that, apparently, I had spoken to them today to request a 2G SIM. Odd then that I have no recollection of this conversation... Anyway, upshot is, apparently, SIM arrives, I register it, this triggers sending of pre-paid envelope to return the Motorola and then I can upgrade without incurring big upgrade fee! Jeez, what a bunch of jackasses. Gah. So close and yet so far...

And, on top of all this, I was planning to go to a B5 pub meet this evening but, after this debacle, I was in such a foul mood I decided against going. Way too much risk of collateral damage, the mood I was in.

And worse yet, I've currently got Stargate 9x03 on. Man, what a crock! Let's just say Kate's view about stabbing herself in the eye with a blunt stick rather than watching another episode is gaining currency with me.
Tags: fan, rant, tech

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