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Weird few days

Had a job interview on Wednesday morning. Got home and found an email from my contact at that share registrar I worked at late last year/early this year asking if I'd be interested in either more contract work or a permanent position. Next, Ken emails to say he's working on lining up more stuff to do besides the mobile application stuff I've kicked off, including a piece on product placement in games. And then, yesterday, Phil called to discuss a possible piece around Internet communications in the pharma industry. And that was on top of the guys in Germany enquiring about availiablity a short while back. Isn't Summer supposed to be a quiet period?

After several years of talking about it, I may have broken the cycle of lazing about during the Summer when the fencing club is closed down for the holidays. Went to Saxon to fence last night, met Kate there. Jo was to join us too but she wussed out, citing work-related exhaustion. Still, a good time. Always great to fence people I'd before. There were even two left-handed epéeists there! Still can't get over Kirsty and Alan, my coach and fellow club member respectively from Viking being there!

Going to be an interesting weekend too. While at fencing, discussed arrangements with Kate for attending the English Civil War re-enactment at King's Lynn on Sunday. I'd assumed that I'd be going straight into the pike block (still amused by the notion of an oriental on either side, to be honest) but, apparently, joining the musketeers is actually an option. Wow. Still not sure about this one. On the one hand, yet another opportunity to play with guns. On the other, I've at least got to play with an M-16 recently, not sure I've ever done anything remotely similar to being a pikeman, at least not since I was in the Under-14 1st XV rugby team in the first form!

I was also considering going down to a lasertag event at Combat South on the Saturday but I'm not sure I can face driving all the way there and back and then doing the same to King's Lynn the next day. Ah well, another time, Highlander! Still, as a consolation, I think there's a bunch of B5 fans organising a pub meet in London tomorrow I could pop along to.

I can sense a major session of ruthless prioritisation coming up, hobby-wise, especially with the Vietnam boys keen for me to resume active duty with them...

Lastly, most amusing comment about new Stargate season I've seen so far: "I'd rather stab myself in the eye with a blunt stick rather
than watch the second episode of SG1." :-)
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