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Thoughts on first 2 episodes of BSG, SG-1 and SG:A

Battlestar Galactica 2x01-02
Not so much a season start as a direct continuation from where the last season ended. What can I say except that I loved it. The characters are so well written and plausible: Shocking as it is, I had no trouble believing Tigh beating the crap out of Boomer. Especially loved all the believable cockups that everyone was making e.g. Gaeta and Tigh forgetting to check the fleet's jump co-ordinates had been updated, the crash survivors accidentally leaving the spare medkit behind and so on. Like the expansion into Tigh and Adama's history too, as well as Baltar's gradual but continuing descent to the Dark Side under Number 6's influence ;-) BSG remains my favourite current programme right now. Ron Moore's place in my pantheon of TV SF gods is beginning to mattch Straczynski's!

SG-1 9x01-02
Not impressed: nothing much of interest seemed to happen. Ben Browder and Claudia Black did liven things up a bit - nice to see they avoided the Jonas mistake of making the new arrivals too much of an identical replacement for their predecessors but it also struck me they could have been playing their Farscape characters. The few overt Arthurian elements shown, Merlin and the knight, were seriously buttock-clenching awful. I'll continue watching but only because not much seems to have happened yet and there's not a lot else on these days.

SG: Atlantis 2x01-02
Well, better than SG-1 but still some way short of stellar. It just seems to be chugging along but there were some nice developments, like the Wraith showing some intelligence by developing a counter to the beam a nuke aboard their ships trick and the virus. The new element I really liked was the Asgard on the Daedalus and his constant sad head shaking and swearing in Asgard at the humans' antics and "Crap indeed...". Hell, I even liked Shep's interactions with him ("Don't stare" and "Is he supposed to be naked?")!

So, overall, Galactica remains compulsory, watch-as-soon-as-possible viewing. SG-1 and SG:A are still watch-when-convenient viewing. In other words, the new seasons have done nothing to change the status quo for me!

I was prompted to do this update by a text I just received from Kate: "The SG1 episode. Officially dry paint! Couldn't bring myself 2 watch more than 10 mins."! Guess I won't need to provide her with any more copies of that one! Wow. It didn't even rate "paint drying"! Not sure if I'm brave enough to ask if she's watched the Atlantis episode I provided yet...
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