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Malta Open epilogue

Foilists have a tendency to take the piss out of what they see as epée's lack of speed and grace. Kate especially so with comments like "Oh my God, one of them almost moved!" So, imagine our amusement and her embarassment when she won the women's epée in Malta and came a mere ;-) second in the women's foil. Needless to say, much piss-taking ensued in Malta.

I also ended up carrying her trophy back to the UK as I had spare luggage space and she didn't. She wasn't at fencing on Thursday so, needless to say, I had a lot of fun handing over the trophy in full view of the crowd at the club tonight :-) Did I milk it? HELL YEAH! Payback's a bitch ;-) More amusement followed when Jo persuaded her to do more epée tonight so she'd have some practice versus a leftie before the Nationals.

Cue lots of comments about turning to the Dark Side from the sidelines from onlookers, foilists, epéeists and sabreurs alike. Now, foilists have long used "The Dark Side" to refer to epée. The weird thing is that they never seem to have realised we don't consider that an insult! Be damned useful in competitions though. "These aren't the bouts you need to win... You don't need to parry this attack..."

To be fair, I did my share of cross-dressing tonight too, doing a bit of foil...
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