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Behold the Ubergeek!

Finally got round to installing the DVD writer last night - yes, I have been sitting on it this long due to working in Germany, Terra Nostra meetings etc.

But it's now fitted, I've burned four DVD-Rs and reclaimed ~16.5 Gb of hard disk space - archived off episodes of Legend and season 4 Farscape (only going to hang on to those till I catch up with the DVD releases).

Fitting the DVD writer also entailed removing my previous SCSI DVD-ROM and CD writer and fitting the IDE DVD-ROM drive from the PVR PC in the living room. Sad but no one seems to make SCSI optical drives any more. I'll fit them to my PVR box - it'd be useful to be able to burn stuff straight from its hard disk without first transferring it across the LAN.

Process was pretty straightforward, except for needing to download an update for Nero so it'd recognise the new drive.

What can I say, I get a strange feeling of satisfaction at seeing swathes of hard disk space being liberated! More room to download more crap!
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