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At bloody last. Picked up the parcel from the Post Office yesterday morning so I now have 12 bags of 3,700 BBs. Er... they're not all for me, honest!

Spent the day down in Central London sightseeing with Sharon - pretty pleasant day, really, starting with the London Eye. Alas, I had to duck out early afternoon to head home to get ready for the fencing match against Saxon, especially as we discovered the Northern Line was down just as we got to St Paul's.

As it turned out, it was the Picadilly Line giving me grief getting to Saxon... Because of lack of numbers on our part, I nearly got press-ganged into fencing foil but, instead, got put into making up numbers in the women's epée as Jo was the only one from Poly who showed! Still it was a good warm-up. Because there was only two of us compared with three from Saxon, it was done as an individual rather than team pool and, apparently, I won that one :-O

The men's epée went well - we won comfortably 45-36, despite lack of numbers meaning one of our number had to keep jumping back and forth between the sabre and epée and pressing a foilist who'd never done epée before into service. Just as well really, as we got a serious cuffing in the foil and sabre! Other good news - seems Saxon stays open over the Summer holidays and they seem a good friendly bunch so it's a good prospect for fencing when Poly shuts down for Summer. Also, got talking to a guy there who thinks his father might have one of those button-up cotton sabre jackets in my size!
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