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Parcelfarce (part 2 of ?)

Yet more harsh language
Short version: Parcelfarce are an even more useless bunch of fucking wankers than I thought this time yesterday. And I still don't have my parcel.

Long version
Wo phone call from Parcelfarce (colour me stunned...) and web site was still down (advice to Parcelfarce: advising callers to use the web site for speedier service when it's doing a fair impression of a Norwegian Blue pineing for the fjords is a pretty good way to infuriate callers) so I called again this morning. After another marathon session on hold, I was informed it was out en route for delivery. No record about going to Post Office, apparently...

So, another day indoors. 5pm rolls along and I need to go meet my cousin (more on this later) so one more call. Surprisingly brief period on hold but the woman I spoke to insisted the parcel had been delivered to my address at 4pm. I pointed out I'd been in all day, I had received nothing and there was noone else who could have signed for it. Bloody woman tried to argue for a bit before saying they'd interview the driver and she'd call me back. This time I took her name...

Somewhat to my surprise, she did, while I was having dinner with my cousin. Guess what? It had been delivered. To my local Post Office! GAH! As soon as I have parcel in my hot sticky hands, it'll be time for the Mother of All Irate Letters to Parcelfarce. It occurs to me the only categories of service failure they haven't managed to work into this one transaction are shipping me the wrong parcel or losing it entirely. However, there's always tomorrow. How can one company be quite so craptastic?!? Quite frankly, I can't wait for full competition to be introduced and render unto Parcelfarce a damn good kicking!
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