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Warning: harsh language
Short version: Parcelfarce are a bunch of useless fucking wankers who couldn't find their own arses with both hands and a torchlight.

Long version:
I ordered a load of airsoft BB ammo for various members of Team Sheep for a skirmish last Sunday (of which I will write more when I'm feeling less consumed by the Dark Side). It didn't arrive before the weekend. Yesterday, I started jury duty. Parcelfarce attempted delivery while I was at court but said they'd redeliver today. As it happens, we were discharged early (more later) so I came home.

5pm came by and still nothing. Their website was down so so much for online tracking. Spent ~15 minutes on hold while a message assured me I'd be dealt with soon and perhaps I'd like to try their website with uch colourful language by the 5th or 6th time I heard that message - Bastards! If the fucking thing was working I wouldn't be wasting my time on this poxy phone system!

Eventually, the woman I spoke to took my details, disappeared for an inordinate amount of time and apologised that, as the driver was taken ill, it wouldn't be delivered today. So, I asked if I could come to the depot to collect and she confirmed I could. When I got there, some chap took my card and disappeared for ages then came back and said that the driver had been taken ill and an agency driver was out on route to deliver the parcel! After some icy discussion, it transpires that Parcelfarce don't seem to be able to a) tell if a parcel is actually in the depot or not without physically looking for it and b) contact their drivers en route. The guy took my contact number, said he'd contact me as soon as the driver returns (yeah, like I believe that) and offered redelivery to another address or local post office for free (resisted temptation to reply "too fucking right").

Christ, what a sorry litany of incompetence this has been. Is someone trying to see if they can include every possible category of service failure in one transaction?!? Someone needs a damned good flogging and/or thrashing for this.
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