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Another catchup post

I've been slack about updating again. Well, there's a surprise... So, going back about a week and a half or so or so:

Last Tuesday:
Busy day here at Firebase Finchley. tirinar and lysia_knight stopped by around lunchtime to pick up my DVD-RAM video camera for a costume showreel. Note to self: Buffy 1-3 and Firefly sets are with Tors... Then, in the evening, ladydchaos came up to grab my B5 season 5 DVDs. Going to need a spreadsheet to track where all my DVDs are at this rate :-)

Very pleasant weekend in Dublin with tlanti, courtesy of her employers. Even dug out the DJ for a big dinner on the Saturday night (felt a bit strange, wearing it at an occasion that wasn't a con!) but needed a bow tie and had a hard time finding a shop in Dublin which had the self-tie variety. Eventually found one in M&S though!

First time I'd ever been anywhere in Ireland and found Dublin fascinating. Odd thing is it didn't really feel like a foreign country, bar the likes of Gealic roadsigns and the apparently high number of statues and monuments to persons executed for treason. I was rather surprised to see though that the Bank of Ireland still had the old British lion, unicorn, crown and "Dieu et mon droit" crest over the entrance! I also now feel the need to get myself a good book on Irish history, especially on the Easter Rising and subsequent events. Any recommendations welcome...

There was a lot more of Dublin I'd have liked to have seen. Will have to get back there some time. Still, at least we did manage the Guiness brewery tour (spent 14 months working in Amsterdam and never managed to get to the Heineken brewery!)...

I'd got a call the previous Thursday from an ex-colleague, he asked for my postal address as he was sending me something. It arrived this morning - turned out to be a copy of Everything I Know I Learned from TV: Philosophy Explained Through Our Favourite TV Shows by Mark Rowlands: I'd already read and greatly enjoyed another of his books, The Philosopher at the End of the Universe which does a similar job of illustrating key philosophy issues using SF movies like Aliens and Terminator! Only just started reading it as I was just finishing off one on Chinese history but it looks pretty interesting so far. Hell, chapter 1's on Buffy...

Fencing match versus City Fencing Club. Turned out City is based in a police station about 10 minutes walk from where I was working on my last project. Damn, wish I'd known that when I was there. Still, a good match - we won the epée quite comfortably (not entirely sure but I think the sabre team got a good kicking while the foil didn't take place due to lack of numbers) but it was physically hard work - the City epéeists are more mobile than I'm used to! Even better, the pub they retire to after fencing serves Broadside, a beer I acquired a taste for at my first job but now only get to drink once a year at the Great British Beer Festival. Only downside is that they do start and finish rather early.

Evening was a bust from the fitness prespective though: it was apparently last night for one of their sabreurs who's off to Germany so we were plied with much beer, champagne and, just to finish off, tequila; I just barely managed to extricate myself as they started handing out the WKDs...

Plans for weekend:
London con-goers pub meet on Saturday. Need to put The Last Train on to a DVD-R for burntcopper.

Sunday, after much discussion and hesitation, looks like Team Sheep is indeed making a return visit to Urban Assault, albeit with reduced numbers. I just hope the ammunition order arrives in time... Also realised that, since I still have the original,un-upgraded gearbox for my AUG, I can fit that back in and the AUG will then be back within the site's power limits. Now, just have to hope the guys I'm meant to be transporting there and back make it to Firebase Finchley on time...
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