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Mobile phone bill weirdness

Yesterday, I suddenly realised I'd forgotten to pay my mobile bill so I quickly opened up the bill to pay it online. First thing I saw was the figure of £71 or so. I was somewhat shocked as that's the sort of level I'd expect if I'd been working abroad i.e. lots of roaming charges etc so I started to examine the bill to figure why this was.

Doh. Quickly realised there was a -£100 upgrade refund on the bill i.e. my bill was in fact some -£71! It would seem the operator's billing systems have got confused by my being issued various trial phones and has refunded me an upgrade charge I never in fact incurred... Well, doubtless the mistake will be spotted and rectified for next month's bill but, in the event it doesn't, I'll regard it as fair compensation for making use this Motorola PoS phone!

Speaking of phones, looks like Nokia has finally officially acknowledged the existence of the phone I've had my eye on as my next handset, the 6680, a quad-band 2-camera (even if I'm still not convinced by video calling) Nokia 3G set with Bluetooth and all the other de rigeur tech features. I think I can officially commence drooling now...
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