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Miscellaneous catch-up post.

My current employers have said they'd like me to stay on "ideally, as long as possible" but till end of March at least. Told them up to 21 March was fine. Alas, I then need to report for jury duty. Dunno, I've been advised that claiming membership of the hangers and floggers brigade (not too far from the truth...) would get me off! Still, at least I figure as I have to report to the court in Wood Green, I'm pretty sure I'm unlikely to get sucked into some long complex fraud trial. Suspect criminal cases in the area will be rather more, well, basic.

Had first feedback call on the Motorola. That was fun. Vented a bit, including telling them I thought a 3G phone without Bluetooth and infrared was pretty much pointless! Also discovered that battery life is a bit crap. Even worse, the power indicator shows full and then suddenly plummets rapidly. Gosh. That's useful... Still, at least I'll have something else to talk about next feedback call.

Interview on Friday: well, it was less traumatic than most consulting interviews. Not often I managed to get a reaction "How did you know that?!?" from an interviewer (I knew about one of their ongoing projects - Google is a wonderful thing). My final interviewer did say he was supposed to do a case study with me but he didn't want to. On one hand, I was relieved - don't like them either. OTOH, it's also mildly galling, having spent a couple of nights revising case study technique.

Been playing a fair bit of multiplayer Men of Valor. Somewhat to my surprise, I've been doing fairly well, regularly finishing in the top 3 most games although this may have more to do with MoV's being rather less popular than the likes of Counterstrike, Unreal Tournament etc and hence less competition. Kind of embarassing, given my personal leanings, to discover I seem to do rather better playing on the NVA/VC than the US/ARVN side. Suspect that's more down to the AK-47 the NVA Rifleman is equipped with having a 30-round mag though.
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