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Weird work things

First up, games company agent emailed to ask me in for an interview. One slight snag, she wanted to see me the following morning. At the Landmark Hotel, no less. No can do, this actually working thing kind of cuts into one's flexibility. Anyway, now arranged to see her 6 Jan.

Next, a partner small strategy consultancy emailed today, Boxing Day (!), to ask me for interview availability on week of 17 Jan. Hmm... some might consider this a danger sign, this chap working today!

Otherwise, Christmas has been wonderfully laid back and relaxed.

Also succumbed to temptation (and a major reduction at Game) and bough Medal of Honor Pacific Assault. Passable but not as enjoyable as the other games I've been playing recently. Graphically pretty, neat idea with healing been done through a Corpsman rather than conveniently dropped med kits or water canteens but whoever thought it was a good idea to include levels where you have to engage in dogfights and control your aircraft with a mouse should be subjected to a real-life Banzai charge or two! It's been frustrating enough that I'm tempted to abandon Guadacanal and head back to Vietnam for a bit more Men of Valor. Guess I'll have to see if I can switch to my trusty Sidewinder Force Feedback joystick for this level...
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