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Never rains but it pours...

So, having sorted out on Monday that I'd be doing a financial services project starting Friday morning (the other potential contract would have been a mobile strategy one, just round the corner from Forbidden Planet but, alas, they staffed the project internally in the end), I figured I'd have a relaxed couple of days before getting back to work.


I've had an email inviting to an interview for a strategy manager job with an ISP and then a call for a second round interview with a technology analyst job. Because I was about to start a contract, they wanted to see me ASAP. So, saw the latter today, the former I see tomorrow morning. Then, this evening, I got a reply to an application I put in for a job with a games company. Two months ago.

And to cap it all, the fencing club Christmas bash is Thursday night ie the night before I start the contract...

Still, better than noone wanting to see me, I guess!
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