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A better class of problem?

I've been scrabbling about trying to line up both a full-time job and contract work to keep me going in the meantime. Hell, even had an first interview which required me to do a presentation on the subject of technological, political and regulatory drivers of the Internet Protocol (well, it was either that or mobile services, operating support systems or cross-sector technology trends!).

As of this afternoon, however, I have had, in quick succession, an email telling me one prospective contract employer will call me first thing Monday to discuss working with them, followed by a phone call telling me to expect a call from another either this evening or Monday about an immediate start mobile project... Good God, I may actually have to make a choice...

Oh, and more evidence just from these things alone to support the "Ming, you appear to inhabit a remarkably small world" hypothesis:

  • That full-time job I had to do the presentation for: two ex-colleagues from my previous job are already in there.
  • The first potential contract: the woman I've been speaking to used to work at a startup back by my previous employer. The office is also right next door to an ex-client where an ex-colleague now works too.
  • The second potential contract: two separate agents I've dealt with put my details through to them, only I didn't realise this because one of them declined to tell me at the time who his client was.

So, do I indeed inhabit a remarkably small world or do I just pay more attention to these connections?
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