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Wedding in Bath

Went down to Bath for friends' wedding yesterday. Amazing. About 1/3 of total journey time was spent getting out of London, 1/3 travelling to Bath and 1/3 trying not to get too lost in Bath itself. Turns out I wasn't the only one who got lost trying to navigate Bath.

The reception was a hoot. Clare and Simon are both English Civil War re-enactors and there was a fair few people in 17th century outfits. The meal itself was also an authentic 17th banquet, right down to there being wooden spoons and no forks on the table! Learned lots of interesting things like the savoury main course/sweet desert course thing being a relatively recent development.

I also got dragged into the 17th century line dancing. There I was, hanging against the wall, digital camera at the ready when this woman in period dress comes and drags me into the formation. Well, at least we got walkthroughs and the dances seemed pretty forgiving. Three dances later, I managed to sneak out to get some air. One of the guys outside sniggered "Ming got Judie'd!" Interesting. She does that often enough they have a term for it...

Anyway, also discovered DT now lives a few Tube stops from me so I offered him a lift back so he wouldn't need to leave early to catch a train. We eventually got back into London around 1.30am. Definitely a good day out.

Spent much of today boning up for next week's interviews. Scary stuff, these case studies. That and trying to find reasonably priced flights to Peru that don't transit the United States. Can't believe the US now requires visas even for people just transiting through an airport!
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