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Pleasant Bank Holiday weekend

I spent most of Friday bunging out CVs before heading off to Horsham for a weekend's worth of PC network gaming. One of those applications must be something of a record - it was for a fereelance/contract consulting job. I emailed the CV off about 4.30 (on the Friday before a Bank Holiday weekend too) and got a call back about 20 minutes later. After a brief conversation, I got an email about half an hour later to set up a meeting which is now tomorrow (Tuesday) 4pm! Sounds promising, I suppose. Wishes of luck once more appreciated.

Anyway, eventually dragged my ass and loads of PC kit and games down to Horsham and then proceeded to spend the weekend indulging in lots on LAN and online gaming - much Call of Duty, Doom 3, Halo and, most enjoyably, for me anyway, cooperative Vietcong (Sat Cong! Sat Cong!).

We also did a fair bit of comparing Doom 3 performance on our systems. Conclusion: not a huge amount of visible difference between Low, Medium and High quality modes (didn't feel brave enough to try Very High): in each case, it dark, real dark, damn dark and when it's not, it still looks gorgeous! Concluded that Far Cry's tropical island locations were more attractive though ;-)

Anyway, now back home and waiting for me: Post Office missed delivery card which should be my Babylon 5 movie boxed set (Hooyah!) and terms and conditions forms for taking part in a 3G trial (double Hooyah!).
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