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First up, there is a Farscape Peacekeeper Wars trailer now available. Bloody Hell, it looks stunning.

Other news, had that interview last week - the headhunter apologised for not being able to reveal the name of the company. I said I understood but, if it made life easier, I had a pretty good idea who it was. He asked who I thought it was, I told him and he replied, somewhat surprised, "Well, you didn't hear it from me but, yes, it does make life easier!" He also asked how I'd figured it out. "Google" :-) Anyway, it seemed to go OK - the headhunter said he forwarded my CV to his client, after a brief rewrite to "emphasise" my fixed telecoms experience. Also turns out the reason he knew to address me as Ming was he'd checked out my web page. Huh. And he'd also spent a lot of time in Malaysia too, both as a child and as an adult.

Then, a couple of days later, I got a call from another headhunter about a job with a regulatory body, reporting to a couple of people I used to work with!

That on top of that interview being for a company where a good many of the people who founded my previous employer came from. My small world doesn't seem to be getting any bigger. I do wonder though - is it that my world is particularly small or do I just pay more attention to these coincidences than other people?

My next Tour of Duty in Germany appears to be off for now so I need to step up the job hunting. Shame then that I've wasted most of the past week playing Doom 3. Bloody Hell, it's gorgeous. More akin to Aliens Versus Predator than the original Doom games in feel though - more of a distrubing, creepy experience with frequent bouts of out and out panic than the all-out slaughter of the originals. Some very frustrating little tricks like enemies constantly teleporting in behind you though. Also makes me wonder - if my system runs it at high quality level with occasional chugging, what the Hell would I need to run it at very high quality?

I also think I may need help. Last night I had this weird ass dream where I was Adric returning to the star liner in his original story, Full Circle and I haven't watched any Doctor Who in bloody ages. Comment from a Who fan friend: "U need help... I mean serious medical help not just a chat with a well intentioned amateur!"

Oh, and for anyone who wasn't aware and has crap they need to dump, eBay is having a 10p listing day today (Thursday).
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