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Weird headhunter call #2

This guy actually called shortly after the first one but, due to playing a few rounds of telephone ping pong, we didn't actually speak till ~4pm when I was about to head off to Forbidden Planet. Opted not to mention this detail to him.

Anyway, weird thing is this: invariably, I sign formal communications as Kin-Ming Looi, as is my email name. This means people usually start off calling me "Kin" until corrected. A few brighter ones go straight to "Kin-Ming". A very few ask what they should call me. This guy started straight off with "Ming"! Now, either he knows me from somewhere else (which would be scary) or he's sharp enough to have figured it out from my email address being "ming@looi.com", which is possibly scarier.

Still, I can always ask him on Monday morning - going in to see him about a telecoms strategy consulting job!
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