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Weird mobile phone shit!

My 6600 is off for a firmware upgrade - I discovered the hard way, while I was in Malaysia, that the early versions of the phone Orange shipped with firmware which had inexplicably removed the menu option to manually select what network you use when roaming abroad. Bastards.

Anyway, so back to the 7650. Still a marvellous phone. Shame it doesn't support voice profiles for Bluetooth or I'd still happily use it. If I call one particular friend, whether using the stored number or dialled by hand on the keypad, I get what appears to be an adult premium rate number (ie "Hi, this is Sophie..." and so on, something about her having a horny female friend was as far as I got before hanging up). Yet, if I call him from the land line, it all works. Weird, huh?

Orange tech support were impressively puzzled but could offer other suggestion other than to send me a SIM update. That said, it seems to have done the trick. Still deeply curious to know just was happening!
Tags: tech, wtf

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