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Brown trousers time

Blew a large chunk of today because I rebooted my PC, the RAID array made some knocking noises and locked up before getting to the XP loading screen. It did this consistently until I plugged in the spare 80Gb drive and installed XP Pro on it. RAID seemed to then read and test OK, rebuilt the PC and it seems to be working again. For now. Definitely an unsettling feeling when you think you may have just lost > 200Gb of data, including 80Gb worth of MP3s!

My latest batch of surplus RPG and wargame stuff came due on eBay this evening. There's some scary people out there. The Dalek and Cyberman Dr Who RPG supplements went for £31 and £38 respectively! :-O

Otherwise, been enjoying the Firefly DVDs. Great stuff but the appalling Mandarin pronounciation is beginning to get to even me!
Tags: ebay, tech

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