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OK, going to start trying the whole cross-posting thing now...

Well, I'm assuming the interim report which was due today went out OK. I'd done my bits but someone was making some final edits. He said to go home and I chose not to argue. However, I crashed out big time as soon as I got home - staggered into bed and woke up again around 11.30pm! Definitely feeling tired there!

Weird observation 1: I started this project the day after I got back from Ascendant. The day after it finishes, I'm off to End of Days. I rather like the idea of work being something I do between cons!

Weird observation 2: GAME sent me a discount voucher for my loyalty card. Firstly, it was scarily high ie I've clearly been buying too many games. Secondly, the mini-catalogue it was attached to was Xbox only. Seems like GAME's getting scarily good at analysing it's loyalty card data!

Weird observation 3: Following Yvonne's enquiry about a gun for her costume, on top of ones from Meg and Selina, I might actually start to run short of airsofts!
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