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The Rugby Sevens at Twickenham on Saturday was a lot of fun. The beer didn't hurt. The short matches (2x7 minute halves) and small teams made for fast-flowing, exciting games. The large number of teams and accompanying supporter contingents (even sizable numbers of Kenyan and Samoan supporters) and rivalries also added to the fun: England fans barracking the French (large numbers singing "If you hate the French, stand up"!), Australians and Scots (except when they were playing the French), a particularly vocal group of Kiwis near us going completely mental as New Zealand steamrollered Australia (there was one especially loud girl who provoked comment from people in the crowd: "God, wonder what she's like in bed!").

All remarkably good-natured though. I used to be quite interested in rugby, once upon a time: believe it or not, I was once in my school's U14 First XV, more due to my size and willingness to tackle even when the ground was frozen solid than anything else... Think I should start to pay attention again.

Met up with Sue at a comic mart but escaped relatively unscathed: just a back issue of Planetary and some Babylon 5 cards before heading up to Camden to do costume shopping. It turned out Sue had never been there before, a concept which threw me a bit. Highlight was studying wigs at Party Headquarters, comparing wigs with images of Sonya (Moral Kombat) and Inigo Montoya (Princess Bride) downloaded to my PDA. I think the member of staff watching over that area was rather bemused by us! Anyway, end result of the trip is that the Inigo Montoya outfit is all done, bar a brown moustache - they were out of those - but the costume shop in East Finchley said they have a wide selection so I just need to pop in to see.

Still not employed. HR person said she'd be in touch today or Tuesday. Guess it'll be Tuesday now. Just to muddy things up further, Cathy emailed to ask about my availability for freelance work over the next couple of months and it's now no longer clear that my sister will be having a wedding bash in KL after all. Talk about a fluid situation...

Popped down to Croydon in the afternoon to Tors' (tirinar) for a fitting for the Raiden outfit, despite the train system's best efforts to thwart me - signals failure at Camden Town knackering the Northern Line while a crew member failing to show up delayed the train from Victoria. Fortunately, the fitting itself seemed to go pretty smoothly!

After that, I headed back into central London for fencing which went well; my form seemed reasinably good tonight. Even managed the best score amongst the regulars against Miguel, an occasional visitor epée badass, managing to get to 15-10 although the outcome was never in doubt.
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