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Well, got through Wednesday's presentation interview. As ever, I'm crap at reading these things so I'll just have to wait till Monday/Tuesday to hear. The case study they sent me proved to be quite interesting, about the woundcare products market. As it happens, Liz had recently covered this very market in a recent report she'd written so she popped over on Monday to brief me on the industry background.

Again, as always, I ended up getting into a frantic last minute scramble to get the presentation finished. It's a major flaw of mine - I just can't seem to get going on anything unless it's become urgent i.e. almost out of time!

Anyway, after the presentation, met up with Sue for a few weird Belgian/Dutch beers at De Hems before heading off to the Farscape pub meet. What I didn't realise was that the venue had been shifted from the Waterstone's on Picadilly (a very short walk away) to the Horsehoe at London Bridge (a somewhat longer journey). End result - we were rather late...

Still, a most enjoyable evening. Interesting discussions, especially on the economics of programme cancellations and whether or not Sci-Fi has redeemed itself for cancelling Farscape by commissioning the Battlestar Galactica series.

Fencing last night was especially tough - Jo, Trevor and I were the only ones on the epée box so it was two bouts on, one off; meaning we spent a much higher proportion of the evening actually fencing than usual. Guess it's good for me but...

I also had a close escape when Neil asked someone else if he was still on for his stag bash on Saturday. Guess who had forgotten as well? Fortunately, when he asked me, at least I wasn't surprised. Anyway, end result is I'll be at Twickenham for a day of Rugby Sevens instead of going to Nos! A colleague once commented that he wasn't convinced any appointment was real for me unless he saw me enter it into my PDA. I guess he's right...

Also realised just how bloody imminent Hyperion is and have spent the last couple of days sourcing Inigo Montoya costume bits and laying in provisions. Fortunately, all appears to be in hand but why do single bottles of Smirnoff Ices work out cheaper than buying a 4-pack at Tescos? :-O

Lastly, you know you've been reading comics too long when...You see a panel showing a POV through a gunsight and you immediately shout out loud "Fuck! It's The Fury!" (supremely lethal superhero killing machine from Alan Moore-era Captain Britain) and realise the X-Men are in for a world of trouble, all several panels before The Fury itself is shown!
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