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Friendly fire... isn't

Went skirmishing with elements of Team Sheep at Ambush Harlow today, picking up Julian first. Pat had also left me a bunch of panicky messages the previous day on mobile, fixed line, MSN and email saying his MP-5 had stripped its gears again and could I bring a spare weapon for him. Well, he seemed to jump at the offer of the Vietnam-pattern M-16: The P-90 got barely a moment's consideration!

Rather amusingly, I ended up fielding phone calls from both Pat and Cookie who got lost trying to find the site, the former being especially amusing as it was Pat's idea to go to this site and he'd been there before. As it turned out, I was the only one who'd seen fit to print out directions from Ambush's web site...

Still, we all got there in good time and had a fine day's skirmishing. Site's reasonably good, bit too overgrown: visibility got pretty poor at times and we ended up expending a lot more ammo as a result - spraying wildly in absence of clear targets. Still, nice frienly bunch of guys there, no cheating apparent; often the bane of many otherwise good sites. Only thing which marks it down on the Ming-o-meter for skirmish sites is somewhat iffy toilet facilities - I am noted in Team Sheep for weighting this heavily in assessing sites!

Anyway, my friendly fire tally for today stood at 1 delivered, 2 received.

The one I delivered, I saw someone running through the trees towards the line we'd established so I fired a short burst and, amazingly (for me), hit. Then he raised his arm and I saw the colour of his armband...

Both the ones I was on the receiving end of involve grenades. The first one, a grenade landed at my feet and went off. My first thought, after my ears stopped ringing, was that that was one accurate throw by the enemy. Then I learned it had been thrown by a guy directly behind me. He hadn'd accounted for the low lying branches above me...

The other one, yet another grenade landed at my feet. As I'd already used up my regeneration, I called myself out and headed for the dead zone. On the way, I was informed the grenade had been thrown by a marshal and hence didn't count. I headed back to inform the guy I'd been holed up with to tell him he still had a regen left. As I came round the corner, he turned with his shotgun and you can guess the rest... He's now apparently likely to join us in Team Sheep!

I am vaguely stiff and achey all over but, bloody Hell, it was fun. Must do it again ASAP. Probably need to put in an order for more pellets first though! I really should have been working on my presentation for Wednesday though...

It's also been amusing receiving SMS updates over the weekend from Sue who is off laser-tagging with some of the LOTNA people at Dropzone, running some sort of Aliens scenario - she even got a red bandanna for that Vasquez look! Never thought I'd be sending a SMS saying, amongst other things, "How's your war going?" :-)
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