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My sister said to make the wedding photo album public so, if anyone wants to take a look, feel free...

Back to fencing
Key learnings:
  1. If it's your first night back, don't get too ambitious
  2. There's a good reason why we do warm-ups - don't skimp on it
  3. If, as a result of ignoring the first two, you pull something in your thigh during a bout, don't carry on fencing nonetheless - it's not big, it's not clever, nobody's impressed and you're not likely to hit anything...

Posted off batch of VCDs to burntcopper then headed into town on an unsuccessful quest for silly Chinese conical hats for my Rayden outfit before meeting up with Sue for beers, caffeine, geekery and wanders around Covent Garden

Babblings was a Babylon 5 group that used to meet regularly at Page's, way before Nos Nights came along and was my first introduction to Page's. A sort of reunion was convened there on Sunday, organised via uk.media.tv.sf.babylon5 to mark 10 years of B5 in the UK, which I find rather scary. I was a bit apprehensive about going as this was the first time in a long time I was off to a fan event where I didn't know anyone else going - Sue was going to come along but was unable to make it, alas. Still, nothing to worry about - just waded in and started chatting to random people. It did feel a bit like I was crashing a family party at times though.

There was also a moderately evil quiz. Slightly scarily, I came in 2nd, by one point - I'd have drawn equal if I hadn't been a lazy arse and written Return of the Saint for one of the answers instead of just The Saint! Still, got a nice piccie of B5, signed by Mira Furlan and Michael O'Hare for my troubles, not to mention a fair few looks of fear and respect... Anyway, if anyone else fancies trying it out, the questions are here, scroll down to the heading that says 10 years of B5 in the UK. FYI, top three scores were 53, 52 and 48...

Anyway, Bloody Hell, I've missed the communal B5 geeking ("The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father"). Fortunately, the universal opinion, both there and on the newsgroup, seems to be that it should happen more often so here's hoping. There's apparently plans to hijack Redemption. I think it's pretty much certain I'll be registering for that now...

Hell of a bad day for the Northern Line to have a major breakdown but, fortunately, thanks to paranoia and a quick phone call to the HR person, the interview went ahead, just 5 minutes later than planned.

Now, I'd already been pretty thoroughly briefed on the guy I saw today by ex-colleagues. It then turned out he knew yet another ex-colleague. Small bloody world... Anyway, I survived - he said they'd like me back for a panel/presentation interview. Feedback was, they like me, "massive" experience and intellect but I come across as more nervous and less confident than I should. Looks like I need to brush up on presentation skills big time for next round...
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