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Hmm... had the interview on Tuesday. Seemed OK but I'm truly crap at reading interview outcomes. I'll find out in a couple of weeks as they still have a bunch of people to see as they're ramping up the strategy side a fair bit. Now, need to get more CVs out to keep my pipeline full. Still no firm word out of London or Germany about projects but at least Germany's sent me the project proposal to read through which is at least a sign of confidence.

After the interview, I naturally stopped by Forbidden Planet to pick up comics, including Uncanny X-Men 444. Chris Claremont and Alan Davis back on it, it opens with the once-traditional X-Men baseball game and even works Brian Braddock/Captain Britain in. Geek out!

Original plan for the evening was to go see Crash Morgan and the Curse of the Lost Totem, a play spoofing US 40s radio serials, with Sue but, alas, it transpired end time was too late for her to catch train home to Clacton so we headed out for food and beer instead. Shame, as that was last performance but it's the second piece of that ilk that company's done so I should get to see it or similar at some point.

Also been spending the last few days harassing the garage and insurance company to move the approval and repair process along. Jeez. Do these companies have some sort of regs against displaying intelligence or initiative or something? Anyway, I should get the car back tomorrow. Just as well, I think my father's starting to chafe at being grounded!

Now feeling very tempted to register for Valhalla. So much for plans to keep con attendance under control this year.

OTOH, good news:
  • Received in the post: one signed photo of Robert Patrick in the X-Files, courtesy of burntcopper. Prior to Fusion, she'd SMSed to ask if wanted anything signed by him. I thanked her but declined, on the basis that I usually can't be arsed with autographs when I am at the con, never mind when I'm not, and because I'm still trying to reduce the amount of stuff I have (eBay is proving most useful for this!). Then, on the Friday of Fusion, she called to say, "Right, I'm getting you a Robert Patrick photo. You have a choice: T2 or X-Files?" and that was that! So, thanks, Heather, much appreciated!
  • That replacement tax refund cheque showed up. Woohoo! Just under £800 of free money (well, more accurately money I didn't know I had but still...). Now, to write to them about that other expired cheque I found... Or do I check out the Farscape season 4 DVD sets at play.com first? ;-)
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