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Took my mother to the airport on Saturday by Tube as the car's still in the garage while the insurance company works its way through its processes. My father will still be around for another couple of weeks though. Still, one beneficial side-effect is that I was able to head from Heathrow to London Bridge for the LOTNA pub meeting and see Sue and, after a couple of months of both of us attending the meetings the other wasn't at, catch up with dopeydora_67, after a gap of some eight years, when we were still in our Horizon/Blake's 7 days. An ex-colleague once commented "Ming, you appear to inhabit a remarkably small world". I stopped arguing with him on that score a while back. Anyway, fun time at the pub, Sue again trying to twist my arm into going to Cult TV.

Have since spent the last couple of days swotting up for an interview tomorrow with Inforte for a strategy job (well, not exclusively - did waste a fair bit of time completing Crimson Skies on the Xbox too). Wish me luck, chaps. Turns out another ex-colleague knows the London management team very well. Hope I can work this into the interview somehow... Yet another says one of their people recently joined his current employer and will try to get some useful nuggets for me. I love the Internet!

Also had series of messages from London and Germany about my availability. Kind of flattering but it'd be nicer if either comes back with a definite project and start date. Still, it makes me a little less nervous about tomorrow's interview - I don't need the job.
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