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Way overdue update

Been very remiss in updating, mainly due to family keeping me busy. Somewhat amusing, given that, even at its most hectic, I was usually still able to post every now and then from Germany.

My sister's wedding
My sister is married. Seems like a straightforward enough statement but it's really only today, on returning from Cambridge that it's really sunk in. She's married. I have a brother-in-law. Things are different. Trying to be objective, they've effectively been married (ie living together in Hong Kong) for well over a year and a couple for around five years now but, nonetheless...

Most of last week was spent ferrying family about for wedding shopping - clothes, shoes, decorations etc. Alas, on one of these, to the Galleria in Hatfield, some bastard broke into the car and stole the spare wheel and tyre iron (left the jack and everything else though). You know how I've sometimes said I think I've got more liberal/less right-wing as I've got older? Not so sure anymore, especially as the garage now estimates damage will be about £500 to repair. I think I shall be applying for re-admission to the hangers and floggers brigade (although I've often thought it would be more practical to do it the other way round…).

The actual wedding itself was great, bar the awful weather on Monday morning (the day of the ceremony).

Parents and I headed up Sunday morning (sister had been there since Friday) for lunch with Duncan's parents. We quickly discovered the wedding cake box wouldn't fit through the rear car door: had to drive up with it on the front passenger seat!

It has to be said, Emmanuel College chapel was a stunning choice of venue. It was a big shocker to see my father crying during the ceremony. He's never exactly been the most demonstrative of people - Hell, he makes me look touchy-feelie! Interesting thing is that I didn't have any such problems at the time but I did later, I guess that's when it all started to sink in.

Heh. Another of my duties was to drive the bridesmaids to and from the chapel in a hire Merc E class. Very nice indeed. I want one.

The reception afterwards was equally civilised and entertainingly punctuated by the odd SMS from Sue who was at Fusion. Did you guys really drink Copper Face Jack's dry? She also managed to get me a copy of the B5 Centauri trilogy novels which was excellent news. Now, to track down the Psi Corps/Bester one...

I was also quite amused that many of the guests were crediting me with the choice of venue and cake because of all the running around I'd done. It was a real shame to have to disabuse them of the notion. Still disgruntled about lack of cheesy disco. It was allegedly down to Duncan who was apparently concerned about being made to dance!

It was also rather weird to be coming back with even more stuff: decorations, presents and other gear (including substantial remnants of the cake) they weren't taking back immediately with them to Hong Kong (via the Maldives!).

Anyway, I've uploaded photos to one of my Yahoo albums. In the unlikely event that anyone's interested in seeing them, mail me with your Yahoo ID and I'll add you to the access list.

Other news
  • Both my former employer and Germany want to know my availability over next 2-3 weeks. Basically taking the view I'll work for whichever gets a signed client first. Talk about embarassment of riches: also had another ex-colleague email today about availability. Damn, I need to clone myself.
  • I have an interview on Tuesday for a strategy consultant/manager position with a US firm setting up in the UK. Wish me luck, chaps
  • Have had to return my season 4 Babylon 5 DVDs for replacement as one of the discs was faulty. WAH! Getting withdrawal symptoms already. Am now being tempted by Play's £13 Farscape boxed sets
  • My eBay-enabled purge of old stuff continues, to the extent the Post Office staff are starting to recognise me. At least I've now got enough space cleared to start sorting out recent comic purchases
  • I want my car back! I'm finding being legmobile-only highly frustrating
  • I have a new passport. Had to be done as there's a good chance I'll be working in Germany again and there was less than 6 months left on my old one. Anyway, here's my official face for the next 5 years (or till I run out of pages, which has happened!):

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