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Geeky Easter weekend

Met Sue at Liverpool Street for drink before heading into the West End for the weekly comic run and then on to LOTNA. Now, last month, when I went to Nos, I got a rebuke from Sue, this month, Heather went "Bah" when I said I wasn't going to be at Nos. Damned unfortunate they're on the same weekend. I can see careful balancing of commitments will be required in future...

The LOTNA meet was most enjoyable, just a shame Sue and I had to depart early, mid-way through the film quote quiz, Sue to catch a train and me to go home and pack up PC and stuff.

I needed to pack as I was off in the morning to Horsham. With Sally gone for the weekend, David invited me round for a couple of days of LAN/Internet PC and Xbox Live gaming. His new wireless LAN works remarkably well, only thing was I needed to nick the wireless bridge from his Xbox to get online so no simultaneous online PC and Xbox gaming.

On the Xbox front, seems David's become a major Project Gotham Racing 2 addict and watching him play it, I can see why. For a start, the attention to detail on the city settings is incredible. The cities in the game I've been to were immediately recognisable. David said it was amusing the way I was constantly making comments like
  • "That's Admiralty/Pacific Place, where my sister works" (Hong Kong)
  • "There should be a church on the right when you emerge from under the bridge" (Sydney)
  • "That's the Royal Viking Hotel!" (Stockholm)
  • And likewise for Edinburgh and Moscow

Only problem is I can't play racing games with a gamepad anymore (got too used to my PC force feedback steering wheel!)...

On the PC front, we quickly decided our fave game was, oddly, No One Lives Forever 2's Doomsday Device game, a Capture-The-Flag variant where both teams represent one of the evil factions from the game, fighting to retrieve and assemble the pieces of a Doomsday Device. Hilarious stuff!

Also got myself a copies of Battlefield Vietnam (although, embarassingly, I forgot to take Vietcong down to Horsham with me!), a suspiciously cheap Chinese-themed Diablo clone named Blade & Sword and, God help me, I have compounded the sin of the Xbox dancemat with the karaoke kit. Look, it was sitting there cheap and David was egging me on. Interestingly enough, he was first on it, with New York, New York!

Unexpectedly early start to the day - postman delivered my B5 season 3 DVDs at 7.45am. Woohoo! The post also brought a tax rebate from last year for ~£380. After the debacle with last year's, I won't be forgetting to bank this one... Payment from Germany's not arrived yet so I guess I need to check in with them in the morning.

Also, miracle of miracles, I have actually sent in my CV for a few jobs, in between episodes of B5 and trying to get my Mech Assault Xbox Live rating off the absolute bottom of the table!
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