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End of another day in Düsseldorf. The office here is on the grounds of the person who runs the company I'm freelancing for and I still made it in before she did ;-)

I am also moderately amazed that it's taken almost 3 days before anyone emailed me with an "Achtung!" crack but it finally happened today.

Anyway, during a break, I did download and install Trillian and added Meg and Heather as they were the first people I could think of who weren't on MSN. I've already established contact OK with some of my MSN contacts, if it works out OK with Yahoo and AOL too (assuming they show up at some point), I'll install this on my home PC (hey, you don't think I was going to experiment with something like this on my primary machine first, did you?).

Anyway, knocking off time. Cathy (yes, yet another one) has a bunch of people flying in over the next few days for her 40th, I've been invited to stay for a BBQ. There's a beer out there with my name on it.

Tomorrow's going to be interesting - fly back into Heathrow ~7pm then I have to rush home, repack ASAP and head straight out to Horsham for Terra Nostra. Be afraid, be very afraid - Heather and Selena will be meeting the assembled Terra Nostra for the first time. I'm getting deeply concerned that the TN is going reach some sort of slasher critical mass...
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