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In midst of another big clearup/chuckout cycle. Have even started bunging more stuff onto eBay again. This has nothing to do, of course, with arrival, in 4 weeks or so, of parents and sister. The latter is arriving 0530 in the morning. I have referred her to my favourite minicab company (the one that sends me Christmas cards!).

Have also been trawling round for websites with decent visual references for Mortal Kombat characters/outfits, especially of my favourite Demigod of Thunder (with a silly hat).

Met Sue yesterday for an exceedingly pleasant day of beer, comics (there's a new Planetary out - wahay!) and other geeky shopping, idle chat and dinner at a Japanese noodle house.

My PC has now been defragging for close to 24 hours and it's still only at 84%. Now, I was expecting a 2x180Gb RAID setup might take a while to defrag but, even so... This is especially irritating as I bought myself Unreal Tournament 2004 and Far Cry yesterday!

Plan for today - meet up with Nick to go to National Army Museum (yes, we're off to the NAM ! ;-)) for demo day on evolution of infantry weapons.
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