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Exceedingly late Eternal post

Bad start to the day - more change requests from Germany. Frantically finished them ASAP before slapping a final coat of varnish on the Monkey staff and heading down to Camden Town to get some sideburns. End result is I got to the hotel several hours later than planned. I knew Eternal was going to be a small con but, even so, ~130 or so meant a con of Silver Arrow-esque proportions! Virtually zero queueing to register, Friday night's Meet-and-Greet had empty seats etc!

It did mean we had more of a chance to chat with the guests. We were rather amused by Adrienne Wilkinson's question, "Do you come to these things often?". Somehow, Tracy Scoggins bypassed our group so Heather shoved me in her direction. Only, I thought I was a sad B5 fanboy but in the same corner was this chap Heather subsequently nicknamed Stalkerboy who was persisting with questions like whether she considered airport security excessive these days. Still, got a photo with her and only did the sad gushing thing once, when I said she was a primary reason for my registering for Eternal.

After the Meet-and-Greet, it was time to change for the party. Strangely, unlike all the other sad costume things I've done in recent years, I did actually hesitate for a moment before stepping out of my room in my fencing kit, complete with epée. Of course, I then discovered I was the only one who'd attempted to pay the blindest bit of attention to the Vanilla theme... Ah well. Still, was fun posing for photos with Neil the Jedi Chef and Heather the Briton Warrior (the flinching at the epée spoiled the effect somewhat though!

I don't generally do this any more but I signed up for a photo with Tracy Scoggins. Again, the size of the con showed. I asked what my ticket number was and was told there weren't any. How was I supposed to know when to queue then, I asked? Answer: there was only one queue and that started now! So, one quick change into the Earthforce uniform. Kind of depressing that, at events like the Wolf 359 cons at Blackpool, Earthforce outfits were almost a majority; that morning I was the only one. Still, it meant Tracy commented as I got to the head of the queue, "I'm guessing he's wanting a photo with me"! The photo came back signed "I love a man in uniform" and I got told by Adrienne Wilkinson she'd been "buzzing" that someone was still wearing the uniform so I guess it was worth sticking out like a sort thumb for a bit...

Main thing from the talks that Tracy Scoggins has also jumped to second most entertaining con guest I've ever seen (Neil Roberts still reigns supreme though, as befits anyone prepared to talk about what he did with posters of Kate Jackson etc), mainly because she turned out to be a big SF geek and, indeed, a B5 fan even before getting the role of Lochley! A quick question about the new B5 announcement rumours had the desired result - lots of squirming and inability to comment. Guess there's some substance to them then... Stalkerboy definitely earned his nickname though, tending to hog the mic for 10-minute extended question sessions.

The costume fancy dress was a lot of fun. The Monkey outfit, courtesy of Tors, seemed to go down very well and it's certainly one of the most fun ones I've ever worn. I was persuaded to do a load of Monkey poses and impressions and was accussed of having practiced the accent. Bollocks - I don't need to practice! Best of all, I believe I now have volunteers to do the full Monkey gang for Hyperion! Think I also have a bunch of volunteers to join me with Mortal Kombat outfits too...

Highlight of the day again for me was Tracy's talk. Asking her, on behalf of absent Heather, what the geekiest thing she'd ever done was, she launched into a whole catalogue ie plagueing Walter Koenig with Trekkie questions when he guested on B5 and, on being told the antique salt-and-pepper shakers she was thinking of buying were Picard, "Nah, that's OK, I've got enough Star Trek shit already"

Regretably, we missed the closing ceremony due to frantic last minute rush to complete the School of Rock outfits (well, actually, for most of that I was just trying to keep out of everyone else's way), for which I appeared to have a huge load of gel dumped into my hair to spike it up (I did warn Heather that my hair had the consistency of wire...). Marwan and co obligingly played lots of rock music. Hell, I'd say that was one of my most enjoyable con discos ever - Bryan Adams, Guns 'n' Roses, Bon Jovi and, Hell, even some Springsteen. What more can a chap ask for? Andy said I looked like I was going to wear out the air guitar and I seemed rather more hyper than usual. Guess just coming off an ultra-intense project will do that to you...

All in all, an extremely enjoyable con. Feel this desperate desire to wallow hip-deep in Babylon 5 sadness again though. Once again, photos in Yahoo photo album.

Just when I'd got used to being indentified by unfamiliar people at cons, it's now coming from hotel staff! I got stopped by one of the hotel staff on Sunday afternoon who commented, "You look different without your uniform on" and another said, "See you in June" when I checked out on Monday :-O

The Monkey photos seem to be amusing friends greatly. Hell, Sue wanted to meet for beers on Tuesday to see the full set. I think I'll definitely be digging this one out again in future. Cheers, Tors!
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