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Hesitation kills

So, one of the things which kept me going the last month and a half in Germany was the prospect of getting back to fencing. The Thursday after I got back, I only had time to pop in to collect my kit for Eternal due to ongoing work, the Monday after Eternal I "wasn't in the mood". I finally got there this evening and found tonight was the last night for this term! Goddammit! Still, as Kate put it, it could have been worse. I could have turned up next Monday and then discovered tonight was last night...

Still, not a bad night, despite my time off, I still won my bouts (with my shiny newly repaired epée, no less) - absolutely shattered though. Kate's also declared Monday will be beers night at Ben Crouch's in lieu of fencing. I may apparently even be able to take delivery of Robin of Sherwood DVDs and Maltese La Valette wine on Monday but I'll believe it when I see it...
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