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Home but not quite free...

After Sunday's marathon, Monday was pretty quiet and relaxing day. Until 5pm when a series of data revisions came through from the client. It turned into a pizza evening in the office and didn't finish printing and binding documents till 11.30pm. Still, while waiting for documents to print, I ordered myself a copy of Dancing Stage Unleashed and a dancemat for my Xbox...

Still, they seemed impressed at the work done this morning. Only, they have more revisions they want to do, which means I'm back in London but not quite done yet. I have one more iteration to do on the model but need their revised data first. They have a hard deadline, the 30th, when there's a board meeting. I pointed out to Cathy I too have a deadline, that as well as much Eternal preparation, from Friday lunchtime onwards, I will rapidly become unfit to be working on any financial models until Monday afternoon! On the bright side, extra work means another billable day for me...

So, my to-do list for the next couple of days:
  • Collect Monkey outfit from Tors (Wed evening)
  • Collect fencing kit from club (Thu evening), hopefully doing some fencing while I'm there!
  • Make Monkey staff
  • Collect epée from Leon Paul
  • Sort out expenses and invoice
  • Do updates to model
  • Lots of laundry
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