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Last week
More work in Germany. Er... that's pretty much it.

For the second weekend in a row, Jackie came down to London and crashed over; I was again delayed getting back from Germany and yet again, she pulled up just as I was exiting the minicab. Talk about good timing...

Saturday morning, Jackie headed off to her photoshoot, I met Liz for lunch. She rebuked me for my lack of juicy gossip for her. Ipointed out she didn't have a whole lot for me either and that if she was looking to live vacriously through someone else's love life, had she ever picked the wrong subject! Lunch was followed by a pleasant meander through the Buried Treasure exhibit at the British Museum before heading off to Nos Night, via Forbidden Planet (of course).

At Page's, I was quite amused that my bag check consisted of being asked "You got any booze in your bag?", followed by "No", and "OK, come in then". Had a great time at Nos, catching with far too many people I hadn't seen in way too long. I think I even managed to persuade Heather she ought to at least watch an episode or tow of Babylon 5 before Eternal. Alas, I had to decline Tors' invitation to join the group moving on to somewhere in Croydon due to my flight back to Germany the next day.

Because of that, I got up unreasonably early on a Sunday to do laundry, admin and other chores and was somewhat surprised to discover Jackie was in - I'd assumed she'd joined Tors, Heather and co. carousing in Croydon! Consequently, we grabbed lunch at the local greasy spoon (one of my guilty pleasures), burned a few episodes of B5 for Heather, saw Jackie off (with my Ultraviolet and B5 season 1 DVDs, possibly two of the most prized items in my collection) and headed off to Heathrow (slight panic as the minicab driver was 20 minutes late grr...).

This week thus far
Yet more Excel and digital TV market geekery, had to book my Eternal hotel room by phone to Sean as I'd only forgotten to post the bloody form off! Bit worried that he interrupted me spelling my name for him to say he'd take care of it. Hope it means he recognised my name as opposed to my request going straight into the write-only file. Yvonne's sensitive comment on this was "Homeless Ming!".

Also got a mild SMS rebuke from Sue as I'd completely forgotten LOTNA was also meeting at the weekend. Whoops...

And as if I wasn't spending enough time on Excel and financial modelling, I've started sketching out the structure of that convention financial model, after a bit of encouragement from Heather.

Lastly, it's confirmed. Won't be coming home this weekend - too much work to do before the final presentation and not enough data back from client yet. Bugger. Had a reunion dinner with my Renaissance ex-colleagues and an airsoft skirmish lined up. Also looks like I'm going to have to fit in an awful lot of preparation for Eternal into a very short space of time next week...
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